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IHM Sdn Bhd (IHM - Integrated Healthcare Management) was established in September 1997 as a Managed Care Organisation (MCO) with its core business in Healthcare Management service. It provides members with affordable, comprehensive and high quality healthcare programmes.

IHM is strongly supported by a comprehensive network of healthcare providers comprising hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, insurance providers and branches throughout Malaysia together with a 24-hour medical and emergency assistance service. IHM is also the first MCO in South East Asia that has a partnership with VISA International to offer the first dual-purpose credit card providing credit card facilities and healthcare benefits.

Backed by the knowledge and expertise in healthcare management, we are committed to provide comprehensive yet affordable programmes to our members. With a proven track record and a strong management team, IHM has already gone through the trail-blazing path and emerged as the leader in healthcare management.

At IHM, we believe and uphold a philosophy that our valued members' interest come first; by serving them well, we will succeed. Our principles, quality of service and innovative healthcare programmes are geared towards maintaining the health and well-being of each of our valued members. Our goals and values are driven by the simple truth that success depends on our ability to share our healthcare programmes to benefit our loved ones, our friends and our neighbours.

For general information, please email support@ihm.com.my
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