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    IHM Clinic (Bandar Sunway)

    2A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6, Sunway Mentari,

    46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

    Tel: 03-5636 7194 Fax:03-5637 1867

    email: ihmsunway@ihm.com.my


Services provided : -


1) Outpatient clinical treatment

2) Medical checking for:-

    - Pre-employment

    - Fomema

    - My2nd Home Program

    - Insurance Purposes

3) Vaccination

4) Blood Test

5) Ultrasound

6) Resting/Stress ECG



Advantages of visiting IHM Clinic for Medical checkups and outpatient treatment:-


1) Keeping of medical records electronically.

2) Nice & cosy environment

   - light refreshment served after medical checkup

   - no long waiing queues

3) Free medical reviews on follow-up visits after medical checkups.

4) Discount on outpatient treatment for members and immediate families.

5) Reasonable charges for members requiring diagnostic services i.e. stress test ECG, ultrasound.



As the leader in healthcare management, IHM has taken a step further by providing clinical system that

integrates our IHM Clinic with more than 400 panel clinics nationwide with the latest healthcare information system providing information to our general practitioners.


With this, members can walk into our clinic and their information can be obtained instantly by the doctor for more accurate diagnosis and thus proper medication and treatment will be provided.


Compilation of medical records will result in accuracy of providing treatment to patients when needed.


Additionally, our corporate clients are provided with vital information on staff's disease pattern and medical leave which may be useful for management's decision making process. Health trend graphs of patients and health history (yearly medical checkups and outpatient records) over a period of time can  be given to patients upon request.


For the convenience of our members and public, IHM clinic is on-line and equipped with the latest software programmes to store and retrieve medical records of our patients. Creating electronic medical record keeping for our members and instant retrieval of medical information by the treating doctor is vital for saving lives.



  Northern   Central   East Coast   Southern   East Malaysia
Penang Kuala Lumpur Terengganu Negeri Sembilan Sarawak
Perak Selangor Pahang Malacca Sabah
    Kelantan Johor  
** The medical monitoring for Sabah, Sarawak & East Coast of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang will be carried out by the IHM doctor in Bandar Sunway for the time being until such time when doctors are appointed at these branches.
For general information, please email support@ihm.com.my
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