Thumbs Up to IHM - A Member's Testimony

Name: Khneo Keng Wei
Membership No: 39566

I work as a technician in a factory in Penang. When my father joined IHM as a distributor a few years ago, I naturally became a member of the IHM Healthcare Programme. At that time, even though my father firmly believed in the programme, I remained skeptical . . . until the accident happened.

It was on 20th March 2002. I had begun the day attending to my duties in the factory as usual. As I was inspecting a machine that was giving problems, a piece of metal suddenly shot out from the machine and hit me right on the face. The impact was so strong that it broke my left cheekbone. I lost consciousness. Subsequently, my colleague rushed me to Loh Guan Lye hospital where I was operated on a few days later. I was discharged after 7 days.

I'm glad that IHM covered all my hospitalisation expenses amounting to RM12,611. Since the experience, I've become more convinced of the benefits that the IHM Healthcare Programme can offer. I urge you to join IHM as a member and to have the peace of mind in times of crisis like what I went through.