5 January 2000

When property business owner Encik Mohd Nor Abdullah and his wife Puan Widad, a professor attached to a local university, first heard of IHM in July 1999, they never thought of the double ill fates that were soon to befall onto their family. Doubtful of whether IHM plan could save their day, they nevertheless took a leap of faith and applied for a Take Over Policy from other insurance company to join IHM a month later.

In mid-October, their twin daughters, Maziah and Madihah started to sh ow persistent symptoms of chesty cough. The thick mucus produced caused the three-year old twin to suffer difficulty in breathing and the accompanied fever seemed to make things even worse for the young family.

After numerous times of sending the twins to the varsity's two own panel clinics where his wife was attached to, the couple decided to give Johor Specialist Hospital one last try. The twins were diagnosed as having pneumonia and were recommended for immediate admission by the treating doctor.

"At the hospital admission counter, when I was assured of my twins' free admission and full coverage by IHM Assist, a shoulder of burden was taken off my shoulders literally," the father said.

Said the glowing father of the now bubbly twin, "At the hospital, my relatives and and friends shared the joy of this blessing in disguise. Eight days of treatment for my two daughters would have cost us a bombshell. Adding to the worries was that at that time my property business was not moving as fast as before. Yet, IHM paid for every single cent in the final bill that came up to a total of RM9,040.10."

"My wife and I are very thankful to IHM because it really delivers its promises. We are equally grateful to Mr. Lim Tau Min, District Manager of IHM for introducing IHM to me. When my daughters first went into the hospital, I told the doctor that he must give my daughter 100% treatment no matter what it takes. I am happy in the end because my daughters' admission were secured and the doctors and nurses at the hospital gave my daughters very attentive care."

"My religion teaches me to always think ahead of the calamity before it happens. When I think of this, I am glad that I have made the right choice in the beginning as the double trouble in the beginning ended up as do uble happiness for my whole family," quipped Encik Nor.