5 August 1999

My son, Leong Foong Woh is in standard three in Mun Yee primary school. On 22.6.99, upon the advice of a friend, I bought an IHM Junior Plan for Foong Woh.

On 23.6.99 I returned home after finishing my salon business for the day. We got down from the car and started walking towards our apartment. We usually have to cross a small drain before reaching the house and I did not think very much about it because we have done it many times before. My son tripped as he attempted to cross over the drain and promptly landed on his side on the cemented kerb .He cried out in great pain! I was very frighten and the first thought that came to my mind was to rush him to the Chinese Sinseh. The Sinseh bound my son's left elbow in between two splinters of wood to prevent further movement of the injured elbow.

The next day, upon the advice of a friend, I took my son to Tawakal hospital. At the admission counter, I produced the IHM Junior card for verification and Foong Woh was admitted immediately. The doctor conducted an X-ray and gave my son a through medical examination. My son was pronounced as suffering from a fracture of the humerus or bone of the upper arm. My son was operated on the same day. The doctors performed a manipulation and internal fixation and steel rods were implanted to align the joints. My son was discharged after 3 days in hospital.

7 days upon discharged, Foong Woh came down with a raging fever and had to be re-admitted to Tawakal. Apparently that was due to an infection. The high fever subsided and he was allowed to go home after 2 days.The total bill for both the operation and hospitalisation came up to RM5,506.51. Foong Woh was allowed to go to school although he has to wear a sling to support his arm. The steel rods implant will be removed by early September 99.

I am really grateful towards the IHM card and I thanked my friend who sold me the IHM Junior Plan. The IHM card is well recognised and proven to be most effective. My son was given immediate medical help and we did not even have to pay any deposit. The doctors and nurses in Tawakal were wonderful and attentive and I was given a separate bed to look after my son throughout the hospitalisation period. I am sure all parents who read my story will be able to understand the worry, pain and anguish I had gone through. Don't take chances where your children are concerned. Take my advice. Buy the IHM Junior Plan for your children because......"Life is precious and every child deserves the best that the parent can provide"