12 June 1999


"Who would imagine that I could fall down in my own house?!" My name is Gan Chai Lim. I am 49 years old and I would like to share with you account of a personal accident and how I recovered.

On the second day of Chinese New Year this year, Feb 17 1999, I fell down in the bathroom while taking a bath. I felt deep pain on my left leg but did not take the pain seriously. I thought that the pain will soon go away. The next day, my left leg had swollen to twice the normal size and it was extremely painful I could not walk and my family decided to admit me to hospital in Melaka.

A Mahkota Medical Center, Melaka, I produced my IHM Membership Card at the admission counter and after verifying the card I was immediately admitted. "You see, with an IHM card, you will enjoy cashless payment upon admission."

The attending doctor gave me a through medical examination which also included body scan and x-ray. My condition was described as "Left Acetabular Fracture with Cellulitis Complicated By Septicaemic Shock" which basically is a fracture infection. The infection was caused by bacteria entering the blood circulation therefore causing my left leg to swell to such proportion.

Throughout my stay in Mahkota Hospital I received treatment that can only be described as "first class". The VIP room which I was placed was very comfortable and spacious. The medical staff were efficient, professional and friendly to me as well as to my family who visited me often. Dr. Razali, IHM's resident co-ordinating doctor in Head Office consulted with the my attending doctor in Mahkota constantly to monitor my medical condition. The management of IHM also spoke to me many times and wished me speedy recovery.

I was discharged from hospital after 23 days. The total bill came up to RM21,041.41 and this was settled by IHM inclusive of government tax!!

I am truly thankful that I have an IHM Membership card. Without the card, I would not be able to afford to seek treatment in such an excellent hospital and my recovery may not have been so smooth. I would like to advise everyone to be a member of IHM. It is important to buy yourself a healthcare plan for life because you never know when you may meet with an accident or have an illness. Like me, you may fall down when you least expected it!