12 July 2000

On 29 June 2000, one of my sons fell sick and he was brought to the Makhota Medical Centre for an emergency treatment immediately. He was advised by the doctor to be warded for at least another 2 days. Upon admission, I was asked to place quite an amount of money as deposit. They also asked me whether I am committed to any health insurance company. Some how I knew I have bought some medical insurance that once arranged by my staff, but couldnít recall the name of the company. Fortunately, my wife who accompanied me to the hospital dug into her handbag and there it is, the IHM Card! She told me that the staff gave the card to her and advised her to always carry it along. (To be very frank to all, I havenít the faintest idea what IHM was, only vaguely understood it as a healthcare insurance and didnít pay too much attention to it. Little did I know that in time of medical emergency, this card could lend me so much of help.)

With the IHM card, my son was being able to be admitted into the hospital without any security deposit requested. On top of that, my son Ahmad Zulharris, was treated like a first class patient, he was given the best treatment and attentive care.

I am extremely grateful to IHM. I now see healthcare plan in a completely new light. Not only it delivers its promise upon cash-less admission, but such caring programme also bailed both my wife and I out from financial anxiety. Truthfully, what surprises me most is the fact that the medical expenses incurred is almost as much as my whole year insurance policy, yet I have only joined IHM as a member for less than half a year. This utterly proves how much IHM programmes could benefit its members during medical emergency.

Although my sonís incident could be viewed as a minor case, but it has strengthen my faith and commitment completely towards IHM. I am truly happy to have become a member of IHM and will continue to be one in the future. IHM, I wish you all the best and keep up all the good work.