17 January 2001

At 10:00 am on 17 January 2001, Mr Chang Peng Chee called IHM Assist to inform that his wife Madam Oo Lee Lee aged 58 years had been admitted into Christchurch Hospital in New Zealand. Mr Chan enquired whether any assistance could be provided to him under the IHM Healthcare Programme as he was most anxious to fly over to see his wife.

IHM Assist immediately called Christchurch Hospital to contact the Treating Doctor (TMO), Dr. Ramsay, to ascertain the patient's medical condition. Madam Oo had been admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Madam Oo's medical condition was closely monitored by IHM Assist and medical update was provided to Mr Chan.

In view of medical necessity, IHM Assist arranged for Mr Chan to depart for New Zealand on the next available flight on 18 January. At the same time, reservation for Mr Chan's accommodation was made in a hotel as near to the hospital as possible. The hotel stay as well as the return flight tickets were guaranteed and paid by IHM Assist.

On 19 Janaury at about 2.00pm, Mr Chan called to inform of his safe arrival in Christchurch. Madam Oo's condition continued to be monitored closely.

Madam Oo was finally discharged on 25 January and was scheduled to be repatriated back on 28 February. However, on 5 February, Mr Chan called to inform IHM Assist that his wife had to be re-admitted on 31 January due to complications.

IHM Assist continued monitoring patient's condition until her discharge on 8 February. Mr Chan called IHM Assist to extend his appreciation for the arrangements made.