Cherish Your Good Health - A Member's Testimony

Photo: Sister Yong, IHM Director of Nursing, visiting Swaran Singh at the hospital

Name: Swaran Singh
Membership No: 81171

I joined the IHM Healthcare Membership Programme a year and a half ago. A sturdy six-footer and a fairly active sportsman, I considered myself a generally healthy man. Or so I thought............

On the 9th of December 2002, out of the blues the alarm bells of serious illness sounded – I experienced acute breathing difficulty and had to be admitted to the Pantai Puteri Hospital, Ipoh.

Initially the doctors could not confirm the diagnosis. But after several lab tests and days of close observation, the doctors finally narrowed down the cause of the problem to Strauss Syndrome. I was admitted for ten days.

Luckily for me, I did not have to worry about the substantial medical bill. At RM22,931.70, it was certainly no small sum! As I qualified for the hassle-free admission system, the bill was taken care of by IHM. This allowed me to focus my energy on getting well again.

Aside from the peace of mind accorded by IHM, I am also grateful for the first-class treatment I received at the hospital. The staff there treated me like a duke!

I have learnt an important lesson from my recent ordeal – there is no substitute for good health! Having regular medical check-ups is a key step towards keeping tab on our health.

Friends, never take your health for granted. Be diligent and go for medical check-ups regularly. The best way is to sign-up for the IHM Healthcare Membership Programme.