21 April 2000

For many youngster and children, fear is a noun that is far beyond their comprehension until something strikes out silently in a threatening way. Such is the testimony of Poon Chee Wai, a quiet eight years old who is studying in a primary school in KL. 

Chee Wai is one of the few patients who had recently gone through kidney removal surgery. According to his mother Mrs. Tan Poh Chee, 33, one day, coming back from his school, the boy discovered that his urination contained traces of blood. Panic and terrified, the mother and son went to a clinic and were recommended to see a kidney specialist as soon as possible. 

Upon seeing the specialist consultant, Chee Wai was diagnosed as having hydronephrosis, a condition where a stricture in the urinary track or passage causes urine to flows back to the kidney, thereby causing severe damages to it. He was further told that he needed to remove one of his kidneys soon to save his little life. "I was very scared, but I knew I had to have this operation to survive," said Chee Wai who has now recovered completely.

"I knew that the operation was going to cost me at least RM15,000, but although I was panicked, I had a big relief to know that Chee Wai's expenses would be covered under IHM Junior Care Programme," said his radiant mother while tenderly stroking Chee Wai's head.

Mrs. Tan was glad that she did not have to pay the security deposit and the operation expenses as IHM had taken care of her son from the very beginning. IHM Sdn Bhd paid for Chee Wai's final claim of about RM15,000.

"I bought the plan for Chee Wai because I have personally been admitted into a hospital before and the amount of money that I had to fork out caused much anxiety financially and emotionally," she said.

"I now see healthcare plan in a new light --- that it does not cause more than a Ringgit a day to get your children or yourself protected by a reliable healthcare programme. I have now signed up as a distributor, hoping that I could introduce IHM's wonderful healthcare plans to more people," Mrs. Tan added.