8 November 2000

My name is Lam Peng Sam, a retired horticulturist. I became a member of IHM Sdn. Bhd. (Integrated Healthcare Management) two years ago.

I was told by my many friends how good and efficient the IHM Card was, but was rather sceptical in the beginning of the idea of "cashless" admission, which requires nothing more than the card itself upon admission to the hospital. However, all the prejudices I had in mind proved me wrong.

I encountered an accident on the driveway of my house in June this year. It was due to this incident that I realised how important to have our medical and health insured at all times.

This unfortunate incident happened on the evening of 23rd June at around 6:00 pm. I accidentally fell outside my house and was unable to get up on my feet. I struggled ceaselessly, trying hard to sit up but to no avail. To calm my panic, I rested on the floor for a while.

I looked around and was very anxious, hoping to call out for help. The unbearable pain was penetrating through every nerve of my body, and I have a feeling that it might involve a fracture or dislocation. Luckily, my neighbours were waiting for their parents in the garden. Somehow, I managed to catch their attention. They hastened their way to my aid as quickly as they could.

My neighbour, Mr. Devandra, immediately helped me to call for an ambulance from Gleneagle Intan Medical Centre, which I know, is one of the IHM panel hospitals nearby Jalan Ampang. To my relief, the ambulance arrived within 30 minutes in spite of the heavy traffic during rush hour.

I was taken to the admission counter when I reached the hospital. It is so true that there was no hassle at all during admission. I only had to produce my IHM card at the counter and they recognised the card right away. I was instantly wheeled into the Emergency Unit to be attended to.

The nurse in charge gave me an X-ray and I was informed in the presence of my wife that my thighbone (femur) was fractured below the hip and required immediate medical attention. Not a moment to lose, the orthopaedic surgeon attended to me promptly, and carried out all the necessary tests to prepare me for the operation, which was to be performed as soon as possible. I was operated the very next day, 24th June, and everything went on smoothly throughout the whole process.

After the operation, I was hospitalised for 7 days in the same hospital in a single room. Everything was well taken care of, and I was very comfortable during the convalescence period.

I was discharged from hospital on 1st July 2000 by only signing the discharge form and the hospital bill before I left. After this accident, my confidence in IHM Sdn. Bhd. has grown tremendously. Beside taking away my financial burden during an emergency, it also gives the highest and attainable medical services to its members. Thank you IHM, and thank you is not enough.

ps. Any enquiries regarding the IHM card can be directed to Mr. Lam Peng Sam personally at 03-4021 4372.