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About IHM Group of Companies
Integrated Healthcare Management Sdn Bhd (IHM) was established in 1997 as a managed care organization with its core business in healthcare management services.

Its main objective is to provide an integrated healthcare delivery system that manages and cares for the well-being of its members through affordable, comprehensive and high-quality healthcare programmes. Three key pillars support the IHM healthcare programmes. Comprising preventive healthcare, wellness programmes and curative healthcare services, these pillars define the philosophy of the programme and the commitment of the organization to its members.

As the industry leader, IHM has been the pioneer of many innovative concepts in healthcare management that has benefited its members. Among others, IHM has an established chain of on-line clinics, a comprehensive range of medical check-up packages for members, accessibility to e-medical records, and hospital admission assistance that includes worldwide and domestic emergency evacuation and repatriation.

IHM maintains an integrated network of branches and service centers, healthcare providers comprising panel clinics, hospitals, laboratories, international emergency assistance companies, as well as a 24-hourIHM Assist call center for hospital admissions and emergency needs. IHM Assist also provides other medical services to corporate insurance companies. All these ancillary services have enabled IHM to synergize the vast healthcare benefits with minimal costs, at no compromise on quality.

Since its inception, IHM has evolved from a mere managed care organization to a service excellence center providing a holistic approach to addressing members’ changing needs and expectations. Today, the IHM Group has grown to include 9 subsidiaries with an extensive range of products and services: At IHM, members’ healthcare needs continue to remain its top priority. IHM will continue to develop and improve its products and services to retain its position as the leading managed care service provider.